San Diego Yacht Rentals

Everything you need to know... an in-depth guide to San Diego Yacht Rentals.

Private Party

Sky is the limit! from 4 to 40 people.

Open Party

Join others to save money.


Travel to far off places by yacht!

Private Party, Open Party, Bare Boat

The first thing you will need to determine to rent your future yacht charter, is which type of rental arrangement you want.

PRIVATE PARTY YACHT RENTAL - In this arrangement, the entire vessel is at your disposal, and you are the only group that is on the vessel. The Captain, Crew, and Staff will be completely at your service. This type of charter is ideal for Weddings, Parties, Booze Cruises, Corporate Events, and Burials at Sea.

OPEN PARTY / SHARED YACHT RENTAL - In this arrangement, you join and share the vessel with other liked minded guest. Meet new friends, have great conversations, or if you prefer you can find a quiet spot and enjoy some quiet time while you cruise along the beautiful waters of San Diego Bay. If you would like to sign up for an OPEN PARTY charter, just click here.

BARE BOAT YACHT RENTAL - In this arrangement, you are renting the vessel outright. You will have your choice of three captains to choose from, as well as qualiified crew. This allows you to take up to twelve guest on any of our midsized yachts. If you want to find out more information about a bare boat yacht rental, please click here.






Time of Year

Availability: Spring, Summer, Fall is the busy season for the yacht rental and charters. Weekends and holidays can often be difficult due to demand. Planning ahead can save you a lot of headaches. This will insure you get the best prices, and have a wide selection of vessels to choose from. The busiest time of the year is from JUNE thru OCTOBER, with a rush for yacht rentals on around Christmas and New Years Eve. If you want to rent a yacht during this busy season, it is best to reserve the charter well in advance.  If your event is in the off season, you will find that availability is fairly high across the board. Click here for a quote on a private party charter or here for to sign up for an open party charter.

Weather - During Spring, Summer, or Fall... the weather in San Diego is absolutely delicious. Hot days perfect for sun bathing and swimming, and cool nights that let your relax as you cruise along. 

Clothing - What should I wear during spring, summer, and fall months you may ask? Well, my recommendation is flip flops and your favorite and cool summer outfight. Always bring a sweatshirt, hoody, or wrap, just in case it gets windy.  During the months of November thru June, sometimes it can get quite cold or even rain on our charters, so please make sure that you check the weather and dress warmly enough. Always bring extra, just in case. Check with your Captain during your preboarding call for exact weather conditions.

This is the view on the City Lights Night Tour.

Crowd favorite! Go on the Nature Tour!

Time of Day

The time of day you choose for your charter will greatly affect the personality and ambiance of your excursion.


The best choice for sight seeing.


Perfect timing for relaxation.


See San Diego Bay in a different light.

Daytime - Day time tours are the best if you want to focus on sight seeing, nature observation, whale watch tours, or just generally have a really good view of the MANY sights and landmarks around San Diego Bay.

Sunset & Twilight - The most highly sought after time slot of the chartering day. Your charter will typically start about an hour before sunset, so you will have some time to take in the sights before you approach Dana Point, the PERFECT place to take in the sunset. As the sunset lowers behind the light house, the vessel will turn back into the bay so you can catch the beautiful San Diego city skyline as it literally turns golden. It is a magical sight you wont forget. After that you will spend the remainder of the charter cruising back after night, giveing you an over the shoulder view of the night time city lights scape as you head home.

Night Time - Night time charters are a great adult only activity! Let the drinks flow and the music play, as you leisurely cruise around San Diego Bay at night! Cross under the Coronado bridge at night and look up and you can see just how big this bridge is. As you cruise into Glorietta bay you will be greated by the colorful lights and sounds of a busy boutque storefront area and a high end marina. Saving the best for last,  you will pass by the USS NIMITZ and the Nautical Musuem which are unique from this viewpoint at sea at night. Lastly, your Captain will stop right in the middle of the bay so you can take in the full light show that is the city sky line of San Diego at night.

Size of Your Party vs. Size of the Yacht

The size of your party will dictate which vessels are available to charter. 

4 Passenger Vessel

1-4 Passengers, 1 Captain

6 Passenger Vessel

5-6 Passengers, 2 Crew, 1 Captain

12 Passenger Vessel

7-12 Passengers, 2 Crew, 1 Captain

Large Party Vessel (COI)

13-80 Passengers, 1 Captain, 4 Crew

There are four categories of USCG vessels that you can choose from, regardless of where you rent from.

Four Pack - Up to, but not exceeding 4 passengers. These small and fast vessels are between 25' and 38' feet and are generally faster than the rest of the fleet by a LARGE MARGIN. In fact, our speed boat rides all use these fast four pack vessels. For private whale watching, fishing, or small group bay cruises, the price is great and the boat is fast! All of our four packs come with a restroom.

Six Pack - Up to but not exceeding 6 passengers. These mid sized vessels are between 42' and 65' and are an excellent balance between speed and comfort. Often sporting the same luxurious interior and amenities as the largest yachts, but in a smaller package. These vessels are the optimal charter rental for any of our open party or private party charters, as well as destination cruising.

Twelve Pack - Available for private party events and charters only. Up to but not exceeding 12 passengers total. These larger vessels are between 50' and 80' feet and represent the most popular group of vessels that we offer.

COI Vessels - This stands for "Coast Guard Officially Inspected" and signifies that this is the largest vessels in the fleet, following a stringent set of guidelines they must adhere to. These very large yachts are between 55' and 150' feet and take anywhere from 13-300 passengers.

If you need help choosing a vessel, you can request a quote, text or call 858.266.9452

All vessels safe and seaworthy.

Luxury at Sea.

All boats have a toilette.

Sleeping accomodations.

Private Party Options, Lots of Options

Catering - Our company offers multiple menus from different cuisine categories including American, Mexican, Japanese, Italian, and more! Take a look at our down home BBQ menu for starters, and if that does not fit  your taste let us know and we will send you the full list.

DJ and Music Upgrade - We have a selection of talented DJ's specializing in different music, ranging from the latest top 20 all the way back into the early days of rock and roll. Let us know your taste and we will make recommendations for you.

Extra Servers - If you are having a catered event, wedding event, or large party it might serve you well to put a few extra feet on the deck. Service Hors d'oeuvres, drinks, and making ready for dinner, waiting, and clean up, are all the jobs of the extra servers.

Adult Entertainment - Bachelorette and Bachelor parties alike can benefit from some dancers to entertain you! Let us know.

Extended Hours or Special Request - Need more time? Have something special in mind? Let  us know.

A Captain, crew, and concierge is always included on all of our charters, both private and open party.

Planned Route of Yacht Charter Rental - Open Party Charters

These are standard routes for a 3 hour charter. If you get a longer charter than 3 hours, you can choose to combine multiple routes.

Standard Route North Bay - Departing H&M Landing and proceeding through America's Cup Harbor and then to starboard toward Point Loma. Of course we almost always stop to say hello to the seals at the bait barge on the way. After a look at Point Loma and the city of San Diego off in the distance, we put the NAVY airfield to our right, and make a giant loop going all the way to the Coronado Bridge, Glorietta Bay, the Emarcadero, the USS MIDWAY, the Naval Museum, Shelter Island, and then return.

Standard Route South Bay - Departing H&M Landing and  turning to port as we exit America's Cup Harbor. Heading south along Harbor Island Park, with the first site up being the Star of India and the USS MIDWAY. Along with many other unique vessels, this is a great view into our naval history, from the water. From there you will pass the beautiful downtown area of San Diego and be amazed as the giant sky scrapers tower over you. Under the Coronado Bridge and to your port side you will see Battleship row, which contains the biggest ships from the biggest navy in the world. Next stop is Glorietta Bay where we make a quick pass of this little inlet. On the way back to home we stop right in the middle of the bay for one last look.

Glorietta Bay Anchorage - This special package or option features swimming, sun bathing, and general frolicking, in the calm, cool, and protected waters of this gorgeous little bay. After the Captain and crew carefully position and anchor the boat, the green light will begin for the activities to start. A giant floaty, and other over sized pool toys will be thrown in the water behind your vessel.  While at anchor you can pump the music and party without fear of a giant wave from another boat ruining it, as this is a NO WAKE zone.

Fishing Charters - Depending on the duration of the trip you choose, you will be up to 25 miles offshore, and will always remain in U.S. waters.



Planned Route of Yacht Charter Rental - Private Party Charters

Private charters are billed by the hour or sold as an all inclusive package.  Below is information about each type of charter.

Private Events, Parties, Weddings - Departing H&M Landing and proceeding through America's Cup Harbor and then to starboard toward Point Loma. Of course we almost always stop to say hello to the seals at the bait barge on the way. After a look at Point Loma and the city of San Diego off in the distance, we put the NAVY airfield to our right, and make a giant loop going all the way to the Coronado Bridge, Glorietta Bay, the Emarcadero, the USS MIDWAY, the Naval Museum, Shelter Island, and then return. Alternatively, you could also choose to anchor in the NO WAKE ZONE in Glorietta Bay if you prefer tranquil waters and not be underway.

Dolphin, Nature Cruises, and Whale Watching - All whale watching trips will depart of eithier San Diego Bay at H and M Landing, or Mission Bay (see your confirmation email for specific address and map to get there). Once boarded you will make best speed due west about 5 miles, upon arrival you will slow down and begin your search. Whales, dolphins, sea birds, seals, sea lions, sea otters, and who knows what else! Keep your eyes peeled and your camera  at the ready.

Sport Fishing - Sport Fishing is offered in 6,9, 12, Overnight 22 hour, 1.5 day, 2.5 day, and 3.5 day configurations. For all trip and prices for the entire fleet, click here. For private party please check out our SPORTFISHING website that details only our private party sportfishing charters.

Sailing - Sailing charters are offered from 3 hours local bay , to 9 day offshore sailing! Depending on your availability and budget we offer the gamut of sailing adventures. Open party, Private Party, and Bare Boat sailing vessels ranging in size from 27' to 77' are available. We have both traditional and catamaran hull choices available. Check out the sailing fleet.

Destinations - We have destination charters available from 3 day to 3 months depending on your availability and budget. Our standard destinations include ENSENADA, CABO, SEA OF CORTEZ, CATALINA ISLAND. If you have a better idea, please let us know and we will be happy to take you there. Get a quote by clicking here, and let us know the date range you have in mind.

Lobster Hoop Net Fishing - We offer both private and open party hoop net fishing all lobster season long. For more info click here.

Maybe try your hand at catching a trophy blue fin tuna.

Whale watching charters available Fall and Winter!

Planned Route of Yacht Charter Rental - Destination Cruising

Visit the city of Avalon, located on the beautiful island of Catalina!

3 DAY WEEKEND $9000 for 6 people.

Grab your passport, we are headed south to the Hotel Coral in Ensenada for some R&R.

3 DAY WEEKEND $9500 for 6 people.

This nine day trip on our 74' exploration yacht will be remembered the rest of your life.

9 Day Expedition $21000 for 6 people.

Duration of Yacht Charter Rentals

Private Charters must be a minimum of  3 hours long. Other than this requirement, customer's preference.
Destination Charters Have a Pre-Set travel time, and a customer defined stay over time.

Open Party and Shared Charters - All open party bay charters are 3 hours long.
Open Party Fishing - Open party fishing has it's own schedules here, ranging from 6 hours to 1.5  days.
Open Party Lobster Hoop Net - 5 Hours. Starting 7pm.

What Is Included

All yacht charter rentals include water, soda, snacks. Morning charters will include coffee. Any Charter that is 12 hours in length or greater the customer shall receive one hot gourmet meal 3 times per 24 hour period or fraction there of. All customers will have access to a clean bathroom at all times. Some charters do offer optional lunch, and some open party charters have additional food for sale. Please contact one of our staff for an exact quote, or click here.

Captain and Crew

Every yacht charter rental we sell tickets for, rent, charter, or offer is always run by a USCG CERTIFIED CAPTAIN that has a license appropriate for the size of vessel, and passenger count of the charter. All crew are drug tested, and well trained to insure that your trip is both safe and pleasant. Four Packs will have one captain. Six Packs will have one Captain and one crew. 12 Packs will have one Captain and 2 crew. Large vessels will have the USCG set amount of crew required.

What is Not Included

No yacht charter rental includes alcoholic beverages. BYOB or let us know you need a bartender.

Charters under 12 hours in length do not include meals unless you get optional catering here.

Fishing Licenses, if needed, are not included. Available here.
Tackle, or Rod and Reel. Available for Rent for 25$ per day,

CORONADO ISLANDS ONLY - Mexican Visas, FMM, Biobracelet.

How to Book

PRIVATE PARTY YACHT CHARTERS - Please call or text (858) 266-9452 or request an online quote.
PRIVATE PARTY SPORT FISHING - Please call or text (858) 266-9452 or request an onlline quote.

OPEN PARTY BAY CHARTERS - Please sign up here for all open party non-fishing activities.
OPEN PARTY FISHING CHARTERS - Please sign up here for FISHING charters.


Traditional Gratuity on a yacht charter rental is around 20% based on exemplary service. Tipping is not mandatory, but it is encouraged if you feel that you received professional and competent service.


As you can see by now, there are so many options and choices for activities on San Diego Bay. The easiest way to go from here is decide if you wish to go on an open party or a private party trip. Once you click on the right link, follow the instructions, ask for help, get a quote, or call us. We are open 24/7/365. We have operators standing by to provide you with assistance and resrvation help.